The 2018 season has come to an end

The 2018 season has now come to an end. We’ve cleaned all cottages and stripped all the bedding….now just to do another 50 loads of laundry and I should be done for this year:) I’ve purchased the large Ziploc bags and am storing all the blankets in them. It’s so convenient and really does save a lot of space! I should buy shares in the company for all the bags I’ve purchased:)

I’ve got my lists of everything to be done or purchased for the cottages for next Spring. (At some point I’m going to have to get in the mood to do a tonne of painting:)
We’ve already purchased 3 new couches and loveseats and they’ll be going into a few of the cottages next year.

We rented  an air compressor for today and Scott’s been blowing out all the water lines. He has already got all the boats and floating docks put away. Every year he improves on his “systems” and it’s amazing how quickly everything gets done. 

Woke up to 0C this morning and it actually snowed a bit. Glad we’re getting the waterlines sorted out today.  The septic systems will be cleaned out tomorrow and then Scott will start his fall project. 

We want to thank all those who visited this past year!



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